Mistigris Member Profiles
Handle: King Arthur
Past Handles: The Skaven (not be confused with the guy from Future Crew!), Black Rain.
homepage (if any): http://www.justin.vivid.net
IRC nick(s), channels found on KingArt, but seldom on at all.
Initials, sig: |<ing /|rthur      or      |</|
Group History: I joined with a group called FiRE way back in June of 1994 after one of their members heard my MOD called Summer Dream.  Somehow I think I was the only person in the group doing MODs at the time, but I may be mistaken.  The group was local to Georgia.  Eventually they merged with another group MiST (wonder where we've heard of that?) in January 1995.  I went along for the ride.  Around June 1995 something happened and I lost contact with MiST until June of 1998 where I finally rejoined MiST after so long as a musician.
Year of birth: 1973
Hometown (country): Marietta, GA
Favorites:     Movie Any of the Indiana Jones movies
                  Book: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide (to the Galaxy)
                  Album: Dream Theater - Images and Words
Favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper (yes, baby!), or Guinness if in a more social atmosphere.
Which of your own works
do you like the best?
(Top 10 or applicable)
1.  The Oasis [2015: experts at scenemusic.net weigh in -- "copy 1:1 of XTD's Stink Bomb protracker module"]
2.  Darkness II: The Light Prevails
3.  Unearthed Sky
4.  Trip Through Wonderland [2015: experts from scenemusic.net weigh in: "a light update of mod.devastation by XTD"]
5.  Summer Dream
6.  Statica
7.  Final Contact
8.  Watered Down [2015: experts at scenemusic.net weigh in -- "a light update of 669.elemental warriors by CC Catch"]
9.  Darkness
10.  Haunted Cathedral
To Aspiring Artists: No matter if whatever you create sucks at first, keep working at it, and possibly after enough time you'll realize that you have a masterpiece on your hands.
Which Member of the
A-Team is your Favorite?
B.A. Barracas (sp?).  He's the only guy that can be knocked unconscious during every single show by drugs, physical tramua, or the whims of his friends and still NOT have permanent brain damage.  I pity the fool.

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