Mistigris Member Profiles
Handle: Rage
IRC nick(s), channels
found on (if applicable):
rage- , rage_
Initials, sig: rg
Group History: Mistigris,Twilight
Year of birth: 1977
Hometown (country): Port Coquitlam, BC
Favorite movie: Back to the Future 2
Favorite album: Micheal Jackson - Thriller
Favorite artist in your medium: Halaster, Catbones
Favorite beverage: Gatorade Frost
Past Affiliations: Twilight
Which of your own works
do you like the best?
(Top 10 or applicable)
 i dont think i've done 10 things :)
Motto its only cheating if you get caught
To Aspiring Artists: draw ansi till you die! vga is over rated

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